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reusable unisex face mask - pack of 2 - pistachio

$7   $9   (20%)
  • Unisex reusable single layered cloth masks made of crepe, which provides better protection than other single layered knitted/cotton masks. These are significantly more breathable than double layered masks.
  • These unisex masks are free size and fits perfectly for all face sizes, without any side or top gaps.
  • They are ideal for all-day use and works perfectly for walking, running, grocery shopping and any other daily use. These are to be tied behind the head which makes it comfortable, pain free and doesn't pull the ears forward or hang on the ears, as compared to the elastic loop masks. When not in use, it can be pulled down to sit on your neck without any discomfort.
  • Please wash the mask before use. These are not medical grade surgical masks and should be avoided in hospitals.
  • CARE - Machine/hand wash with warm water and gentle soap. Please wash the mask before use.
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